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“THE HANDBOOK” Vertically Aligned Middle School and High School Percussion Curriculum

Snare Drum Chop 13: thirteen essential match grip muscles

Snare Technique & Fundamentals: beginner drumline training

Rudiments, Level 1: thirteen essential beginner snare rudiments Rudiments, Level 2: intermediate rudiments & simple grids

Mallets Keyboard, Level 1: ten fundamental beginner patterns in all keys

Keyboard, Level 2: intermediate keyboard for 2-mallet and 4-mallet skills

Reading Check patterns: beginner rhythmic vocabulary


GENERAL Band procedures and rehearsal tips Concert percussion fundamentals (snare, bass drum, auxiliary, etc.) 4-mallet grip and traditional grip set up Timpani fundamentals

LITERATURE Beginner pad jam and tracks Introductory rudimental snare & 4-mallet solo (7th graders) Intermediate rudimental snare & 4-mallet solo (8th graders)

INTEGRATED DRUMLINE & FRONT ENSEMBLE TRAINING PROGRAM Battery, 2-mallet & 4-mallet fundamentals for marching & concert season Supportive video bass drum visualizers Marching Fundamentals

Basics and Marching Band fitness conditioning Chop outs: how to build strength and endurance

Singles Triplet Rolls Timing Accent Shift and more!

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